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Your business is up and running but you have lost your focus.  Or you think you have a great business idea but you are not quite sure how the market will respond, how the concept fits into your current business or what it will take to get the new venture going.  Worse yet, you have a great idea that is getting stale while you trip over the simple step of writing a business plan that you can present to investors.

Try business planning.  We offer ….
  • Organizational visioning and strategic planning that helps your company find its focus and identify its objectives.  You will decide the critical next steps to achieving that vision.  We provide the process that gets those ideas out of your head and into your organization’s fabric.
  • Product and service-line strategic planning that enables you to define what your product line is contributing to your company and how product lines need to change to fit stay ahead of their markets.  We promote the big-picture thinking you lose during the daily grind.
  • Business plan development that helps you work through an idea, explore market fit and identify the resources and integration requirements that will get the idea off the ground.  We provide the framework and lead the hard discussions to get your business plan moving. 
  • Program assessments that give you the wherewithal to finally let go of deadweight products and services and help you, instead, take the plunge into arenas that will actually help your business grow.  In your gut, you know what needs to happen - we just make sure it gets done by giving you the data and inspiration.
  • Competitive environmental assessment that is more than just a data dump.  We help you move away from the reams of paper that don’t provide direction and move you toward a system of learning and awareness.
  • Resource development planning that provides a realistic approach to growing your business.  You have a good sense for where you want to go but aren’t sure how to plan for the resources it will take to get there.  We provide an inside-out process to help you identify and plan for resource changes. 
To hospitals and health systems, we offer the Arbor Physician Resource Planner, a proprietary model of assessing physician resource needs.  We then work with our clients to identify out-of-the-box strategies to address their physician resource requirements
  • Certificate of Need applications that do more than just get you regulatory approval of your projects.  Our Certificate of Need consultation service for health care providers helps you stay on plan and one step ahead of your competitors.
  • Group and meeting facilitation.  Sometimes you just need a neutral party to facilitate a discussion.  We start with assessing if you would really benefit from a third party facilitator, identify your discussion objectives, and then step in to lead conversations in a way that accomplishes your objectives.