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Environmental assessments? Focus groups? Surveys?  Which tool(s) makes the most sense to get the strategic information you are seeking about customers and competitors?  Even if you know think you know the right tool to use, you may lack the in-house experts that will make the most of your time and dollars.  And sometimes you just need an outsider’s view.

We know market research.  We offer:
  • Competitor analysis that shows you how your competitors impact you now and in the future, and what they are doing right.  Our competitor analysis provides you with actionable information that helps you get one step ahead.
  • Market assessments that provide a realistic evaluation of your products, their marketability and their star-qualities.  If the market is saying no, we will find out why and help you devise business tactics to turn your product around or let it go.
  • Survey design development and administration with a professional look that gets the information you need for decision-making.  Our emphasis is on survey design, to make sure we ask the right questions in the right way, so that you get information you can run with.
  • Personal interviews by professionals.  Sometimes you need information only provided through a one-on-one discussion.  Like succession planning.  Or partner buy-outs.  We provide professional interviewing for those occasions when you need to deal with a sensitive topic, or when you want to convey to your client that their opinion matters most.
  • Focus group facilitation that yields the best information from this highly personal, and often sensitive format.  Focus groups are often a one-shot process.  We maximize your learnings from focus groups by making a significant investment in the discussion design.  We then professionally facilitate each focus group, guiding the discussion to get results and recommendations that will make a difference. 
  • Mystery shopping that provides meaningful, insightful information.  Our highly-trained mystery shoppers have refined their skills to evaluate the complete experience, often including observations regarding location, customer service, product placement and quality.  We focus on evaluations of professional services, not retail counter service.  You might just get back more information than you wanted!
  • Benchmarking to find the edge you need.  Sometimes, you have a hard time putting your finger on why competitors are more successful.  Or you may want to understand the critical elements or processes you need to put in place to compete with the big dogs.  More than just a competitor assessment, benchmarking helps you see where you stand, the differentiating factors you can tout, and those you still need to achieve.
  • Web research and more.  Web research requires time and an investigative mind that knows the right questions to pursue.  When you don’t have the time or inclination to research a topic, we can step in and do it for you.  We go beyond the web when needed, and can provide a complete range of research services including some listed above.