Customer Satisfaction Measurement and Strategy PDF Print E-mail
Your business may be thriving but, truthfully, each time you lose a customer it hurts.  Losing a valued, but unhappy team-member can be even more painful.  Each time you lose a customer or staff, you not only bear the cost of replacing them, you also risk them telling others about bad experiences with you.  If you understand customer service and satisfaction, you can begin to eliminate these costly hurdles.  

Try customer service and satisfaction measurement.  We offer ….
  • Customer satisfaction measurement and strategy that provides you with insights into why customers selected you, what they expect, why they are happy and why they leave.  But we don’t stop with giving you data, we help you to identify strategies to address weaknesses.  We have successfully helped our clients identify those customers who are on the brink of leaving, and aided our clients with service recovery plans.
  • Employee satisfaction measurement and strategy that focuses on your most important asset:  your employees.  What is the cost to replace a valued but unhappy member of your staff?  We deploy tactful, anonymous techniques to discover the things your employees value most ~ and the issues that might drive them to leave.  Then we go one step beyond to help you identify strategies that will improve your employees’ satisfaction and allow you to focus on your business.