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You sense you have a marketing issue but you can’t exactly put your finger on the problem.  Is your location bad?  Do you make a bad first impression?  Are you making it hard for customers to use you?  Or are your customers just having a hard time understanding what you offer?  Don’t throw good money into marketing if you haven’t addressed the real issues.

We offer the most valuable part of any marketing plan….
  • Service and marketing evaluations that get to the heart of the matter.  Sometimes your marketing just needs to be tweaked.  Are you targeting the right audience?  Are you providing a message that resonates with customers?  We help you re-evaluate your marketing efforts to determine if you have a brand, service or marketing-effectiveness issue.
  • Facility and operational assessments for underperforming programs.  Our start-to-finish evaluations look at everything from your location, presentation, access, customer service, service portfolio and follow-through to understand why your facility or service isn’t meeting expectations.  We help you understand if your problem is related to operations or marketing and market awareness and then we provide you with ideas for solutions.
We apply our market research skills to help you understand what your marketing strengths or failures might be.   However, we don’t profess to be a jack-of-all-trades.  As such, we don’t do marketing plans!   If our recommendations include developing a comprehensive marketing plan, we will be happy to connect you with marketing professionals who can devise a marketing plan that works within your budget.