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Our recent projects reflect the wide range of services we provide. 

Market Growth Assessment
Assessed competitor positions and identified markets with growth opportunities for a highly-specialized hospital service.    

~ Confidential Client

Business Plan Development
Analyzed the viability of a state-wide mobile medical service including assessment of potential volumes in communities across Michigan.  Subsequently presented a business plan with recommended locations, service mix, hours of operation, resources, revenues/expenses to support the program.

~ Confidential Client

Customer Satisfaction Measurement
Designed and administered online and mailed customer satisfaction surveys.  Conducted telephone interviews of customers regarding specific service issues and customer expectations.  Subsequently made recommendations to improve customer satisfaction and retention and to target future service offerings.

~ McGraw Wentworth, Inc.

Feasibility Study
Conducted a feasibility analysis of services for two distinct and competing locations.  This analysis involved projecting service demand based on population and consumption data, potential market share and of the types of services that would/ should be provided.  Analysis also assessed the potential impact of this contractual opportunity on the client's existing service locations.
~ Confidential Client

Certificate of Need Applications
Coordinated and prepared Certificate of Need applications for programs regulated by the State of Michigan; 100% of applications were approved.

~ Multiple Clients

Physician Need Analysis
Analyzed and projected future medical staff resource requirements based on existing and projected physician supply and patient demand and made recommendations for recruitment needs.

~ Children’s Hospital of Michigan

Focus Groups
Conducted focus groups regarding changes in readers’ news consumption habits and preferences.  Made recommendations regarding product development, content and delivery.

~ Automotive News

Conducted focus groups regarding staff understanding and acceptance of a proposed professional development program and made recommendations for revisions to the program as well as for future communication plans.    

~ Henry Ford Health System

Competitor Benchmarking
Assessed characteristics of nationally-recognized competitors, with a particular focus on competitors’ resources and services, and identified niche opportunities and benchmarks for client’s success.

~ Confidential Client